Illuminating Longing

Here is a shared experience from the night of the full ‘Strawberry  Moon’ on June 20th.  A warm evening after a wet morning promised the sight of Nightjars hunting, and the moon was a bonus,

Full moon rising over the heath. My photo.
Full moon rising over the heath. My photo.


The mist quilt  slips across the sodden heath

thickening at waist height in the cooling air.

Crepuscular  flyers land, unseen, then chirr.

Released from trees, the pink  rimmed moon

escapes the honeysuckle’s sweet embrace

as the longest day softly turns  its face.


Glistening  black slugs  feast safely on the grass

gaping Nightjar mouths only hunt emerging moths

incessantly and urgently, like seekers after truth.

We stand, elated statues, in their noiseless swirl.

Mystery is the sound of wing flap and chirring

Mood is the touch of the soft Moon’s lighting.


Reverie is shattered by unexpected harshness

Muntjac’s  distant barking shatters our cloister,

cuts through moving wisps draping drab heather

challenging our presence in the looming  darkness.

We leave towards the Moon as chirring diminishes,

a strange sense of longing gradually eases.


On Dunwich Beach  yearning returned.

Selene beamed down on layered shining clouds

lighting a pathway on the sea’s rippling road

right to our feet at the whispering surf’s  edge.

Transfixed by a  longing to walk  that invitation

but blocked at the border of  endless susurration.


Moonlight on water can illuminate our longings

intangible reflections  with no connection to meaning.


Full moon over the sea, June 20th. My photo
Full moon over the sea, June 20th. My photo



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