During a few days in Liverpool we visited Crosby Beach, to see the Antony Gormley sculptures arranged as  ‘Another Place’.  Two friends had been examining the work, and turned to walk off the beach.  I took the photograph below, and the poem was written after I examined the image, using an  element of artistic license.


‘Communing’ –  photo by Ivor Murrell



Ankled in a  pool  on Crosby  sands


the rough cast, sea scoured, figure

horizon gazes longingly

for all who left  or are arriving.


Secured around the wrist — a lock

a late addition of a lover’s token

keyless  plea for a permanence

as endless as the iron stare.


Two mould cast pour points

be-medal  the artist’s  chest

whilst genitals  rest at ease

buttocks mark eternal tension


Oblivious to this crafted longing

two men pass, heads down,

muffled, deep in  conversation

concentrating on every step.


'Another Place' photo by Jean Murrell
‘Another Place’ –  photo by Jean Murrell     CLICK ON THIS IMAGE  TO ENLARGE IT


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