Soon the Longing can begin

Two days after the referendum, and still dazed by the result.



Soon the longing can begin,

but the awareness of our loss

will take longer for all to own.

Already the Young feel despair

for they were closer to hope

than the wrinkled, palsied hands

that signed away their future.

‘Another vote’ some already shout,

we only meant it as a protest.

Beware of what you wish for

is the plot line of Fairy Tales

but this is no child’s story

with a bed-time happy ending,

our wills are signed to the devil

with no request for safety.

You knew the devil’s in the detail,

but most have never studied.


One day after the count

and the lies begin to burst

No problem, bring more lies

there’s plenty here to smother facts.

This is the rite of clever soundbite

aggressive clowning and control.

You cannot see the sleight of tongue

professionals have practised well

and you simply wanted magic.


What if they never thought to win

but only meant to move the chairs?

Who is more frightened now

as all the cracks begin to show?

No one knows the magic words

to pacify the earthquake.

Now the longing can begin

for what we threw away.


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