You know you are worth it

I wrote this poem in mid November this year, then my e-mail inbox started to fill with ‘Pre-Black Friday’ offers, then ‘Black Friday’ offers,

followed later by ‘Post Black Friday’ offers, and now I am seeing ‘Black Friday repeat offers’!  Reality has overtaken imagination.



Due to the delirium of Brexit and Triumph of Trump

it has been decided — by neo-liberal decree,

to extend the ecstatic  frenzy of ‘Black Friday’

to the nihilistic nirvana  of ‘Black December’.

But ‘Black’ will  now re-energise as ‘Smoking’

as in HOT and GUN,

to target the receptive participants.


So ‘Smoking December’ is about to engulf you,

those of you able to fan the flames of credit.

Don’t delay, Christmas started in October,

 in America already the Klan are singing,

listen, can’t you hear  them keening —

“I’m dreaming of a White Supremacy”.


Whilst here at home, the gift of choice

is Empire Cake, to eat and have forever.

Take the new approach to Christmas  lunch

make no plans , somewhere, someone will feed us.

Don’t forget to lie about the value of your gifts

who will miss truth in an avalanche of lies.


Ignore anyone who chokes on the smoke

only the healthy can enjoy commercial luxury

This is YOUR time, you have its measure.

Thrust  aside all seasonal supplicants

and don’t let poverty cool your ardour —

pleasure yourself  — in ‘Smoking December’


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