Moments of reflection do not fit neatly into my two sort categories of ‘events’ or ’emotions’, but are a inter-linked mesh of both, and sometimes that mesh turns into a trampoline.
Genes in the DNA helix

radical Darwinists are wrong about materialism,
and the mind, that sense of self, is not a tool
generated by our genes to secure their rule
until our stardust robot bodies crumble?

Dualist’s separate body and soul theory holds,
and our spirit, unfixed in spatial location,
migrates at death to a different mould?
If so, what catalyst triggers transmigration?

causation is linked to an event of relevance
a moment of elation, an empiric experience
that transcends metaphysics, evades epistemology
by lurking unknown in the mystery of memory?

transmogrification tracks past euphoria?
Like that early morning magic seen in Costa Rica,
when Montezuma’s Oropendula, overcome by lust,
burst wildly to display as the veiling mist lifted.

I might return as a Montezuma’s Oropendula?
A bird that’s at it best when hanging upside down
quivering its golden plumes beside its pendulous nest
on a favoured branch in the glistening cloud forest.

that’s excessively expressive for my soul
that matches more the large and solemn Kakapo
that burrows deep in sodden ferns, furtive and alone
and booms each night within its trodden earthen bowl?

The Kakapo
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