The Spirit of Place

This poem came out of a poetry workshop today.  The writing objective was to do something for somebody and my wife’s request, last night,  for a ‘good sized gin and tonic‘ came to mind.

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Let me make you a memorable drink— a  gin and tonic.
It’s finally reached  Friday  in   yet  another lockdown week.
I will use those crystal glasses made for half a pint of beer
 given to celebrate a company’s success,  which then closed.
The snow has not yet cleared, so I pour the gin deep.
Barra Gin, seasoned with local carrageen seaweed
from your father’s favourite island,
where we have never been.
We will drink to him
draw to the fire
taste the Island’s spirit
sip and slip in thought to better times,
when we can  visit nature’s beauty once again.
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