The Silence of Ease

James Gleick’s book ‘Chaos’ (1987), about the ripple effect of interconnections from small beginnings, should be considered in relevance to the problems of financial institutions in the Western World.


image from a painting by Rene Magritte


Where is the barbed idealism of youth
spoken in the eloquent anger of inexperience?
Why doesn’t the measured voice of age
proclaim the problem of our insular existence?
Have all anxieties now been silenced
by complacent satisfied self-reference?

Who now mans the barricades
for those dispossessed by Banks?
Why no cavalcade of aid
for all whose pleas don’t rank?
Threats to pensions and student fees
are the strident ardours of the hour.

In the shelter of indolent content
my generation snubs its guilt
buttressed by our ample forage
plundered before the tears were spilt.
Annuities and paid off mortgage
secure us from the coming tilt.

Or so in ignorance we pray
that we are safe from world events –
bunkered by indulgence all should pass
our shrunken vision’s range prevents
imbalance impinging on our sense –
but chaos is triggered by a single rent.

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