Snapshot for a Sonnet


I note that ‘events’ are outnumbering ’emotions’ in the category list, so to redress the balance I add a Sonnet.  This is not a form I enjoy writing in, but it seemed right for this poem.


Jeanie on our wedding day.

My ageing puts the world in shorter focus,
events of previous import pass unnoticed,
certainty no longer holds firm status,
and memory works less smoothly unrehearsed.
My eyesight still retains its long range vision,
its interest with detail does not weary;
valuing the colour or quick motion
that separates the different from the dreary.
Or so I thought, but shredding hoarded papers
I found in jumbled snapshots of my wife
that vibrancy and beauty never falter
but habit mutes their presence in our life.
               Confident glances from a shared long past.
               Momentary connections, still holding fast.

Jeanie several years after our wedding day.
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