Simple Joy (for Jacqui Jones interactive artwork at The Undercroft)

This poem is itself an interactive response.  Jacqui liked the reference to ‘simple joy’ in my poem Migration Counterpoint and decided that concept would be the subject matter of the interactive installation she was to display in The Undercroft in Norwich, for the 2015 Norwich Fringe Festival.  When she told me that I wrote and sent her this poem, which she then included in her work.

 The image, taken by my son of his son, illustrates perfectly the last line.


image by Rupert Murrell
Photo by Rupert Murrell



Events we cannot touch enrich our lives:

The smell of Philadelphus after rain

Curlews’ cry  in the estuary’s mouth

a wisp of wood smoke after snowfall

rippled light  on wind-blown water

laughter within a lover’s eyes

and a child’s sense of wonder.


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